The first cellular glass producer in Iran

Cellular glass in Iran

The company Jahan Ayegh Pars in Isfahan, Iran started with the production of cellular glass due to its unique properties and because it is was hard to get in Iran. I am a little bit surprised about the name because they must be aware about Pittsburgh Corning.

Just like IZOSTEK , STESS and GLAPOR, a family take the initiative to develop a process and build the production facility. Further, they organize succesfully a sales environment. In this case, the company already produces mineral wool, ceramic wool and PIR industrial technical insulation.

In this case, I also measured the gas composition in the cells to check for closed cells and to estimate the thermal conductivity, which is not published. The cells are indeed 100% closed and I estimate the thermal conductivity to be 0.046 W/mK for the 115 kg/m3 density and 600 kPa compressive strength. Although recycled glass is used without remelting, JAP achieved a low H2 content below 3%. In view of the low energy cost, labour cost and recycled glass use, I estimate the production cost of this material between 50 and 70 €/m3. In the Middle East, such a producer can be a game changer. A chromatogram is given hereunder.

We are 100% sure that we hear much more about this porducer in the near future.