logo_smallBELGLAS is a Belgian company that promotes the use of cellular glass. The company is owned by Hans Strauven. Hans is a physicist, working 5 years  for CNUD EFCO after 22 years working for Pittsburgh Corning Europe in Tessenderlo and Klášterec nad Ohří in the Czech Republic.

BELGLAS wants to stimulate the use of cellular glass by

  • giving consultancy to new and older investors
  • importing these products and certifying them for the European market
  • advice customers for existing applications
  • developing new applications

It is our mission to lower the prices to make cellular glass available for a larger group of people. With consultancy and import of less known producers, we are able to deliver the right quality for the right application at the best price.

Consultancy is based on the large public domain knowledge and application of the laws of physics and chemistry, translated in GNU FORTRAN. The public domain is formed by the many expired patents about cellular glass and publications of the biggest cellular glass producers.

In order to work at the lowest cost, we work almost exclusively with open source software under LINUX. We also give consultancy about the use of this software, which is free of charge. The use of WORDPRESS is a typical example, avoiding the large cost of other servers and operating systems. Lean offices, efficiënt but less expensive cars, VOIP communication and a technical management without bonus are the other tools to lower the cost.

The name BELGLAS comes from the Dutch translation of bubble glass, which is also a good descprition for cellular glass. The Dutch translation of bubble glass is “bellenglas”, which we converted to the easier to pronounce BELGLAS. We found out that Chinese, German, Russian, Czech and American people have no difficulties at all to pronounce. On top of that, it contains the word BELG, which means “citizen of Belgium”.

Later on, Hans moved to the Czech Republic and founded there also BELGLASCZ. This website  is powered by BELGLASCZ under the full responsibility of BELGLAS. The ownership of the last one was also changed.


KADAŇ in the Czech Republic