Who are we?

hansrechtHans Strauven, born Leuven, July 27, 1959, obtained a PhD in Physics from the KU Leuven after having been educated at the technical school Kardinaal Mercier in Brussels.

Hans worked 22 years for Pittsburgh Corning Europe NV in Tessenderlo, Belgium and Klášterec nad Ohří in the Czech Republic as R&D-manager. In 2009, he joined CNUD EFCO in Zellik, again as R&D-manager. Since April 1, 2014, Hans works exclusively for BELGLAS.

Hans obtained 1 patent  and 3 recent patents,  BE 1020589 A5 , BE1019515 and BE 2014/0349 at CNUD-EFCO. His drive is and will be innovation, which is nothing more than breaking the borders of our mind. Hans published about the mechanical stability of cellular glass and proved experimentally the basic phenomena of self-organized criticality, as discovered by his friend, the late Per Bak.

Glass and foams are two very interesting topics for a physicist but the combination in cellular glass became an addiction for Hans. From the view point of both development and application, it is always a challenge and it connects people if managed in the right way.

Hans’ hobbies are golf, some fitness, open source software, popular science, barbecue and philosophy with some preference for Baruch Spinoza, the first one to spark the “Age of Enlightenment”, which is still not accomplished. Hans enjoys the simple life and for that reason likes to be  in the Czech Republic. He does not believe in too many rules, because they are blocking evolution and certainly does not agree with intelligent design.

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