Blogging service

It is well known that a website has to “live” to get more visitors. In fact, that is one of the reasons of the blog about cellular glass. These blogs are popularized science and technical issues, easy to read without formula.

But BELGLASCZ was requested to write also for other companies and we offer now this service for others. We work as follows:

  • In case the subject is part of our interest (science, technical, …) and not too far from our experience, we study first the subject.
  • Further, we write about the subject in a popularized way with our rather fresh insights.
  • Because the writer is far from native English speaker, we use a very basic English.
  • This basic English is most of the time well understood by GOOGLE TRANSLATE and this is always checked by translation to Dutch, the native language of the writer.
  • The basic English and if needed the on-line translator allows that about anybody may understand the blog all over the world.

For any blogging request, you can contact us.