GLAPOR in Mitterteich, Germany is found by Walter Frank, a glass engineer  with a dream.


It is Walter’s believe that cellular glass can be put on the market at a lower price than today in order to attain a much larger market.

Today, production lines are producing cellular glass plates and granulates under the branch name GLAPOR.  Information about standard dimensions and properties can be found in the price list.

The GLAPOR strategy is to use a minimum of raw materials (5%), a minimum of energy and a maximum of waste glass (95%) without remelting the glass to improve drastically our environment. With this new and inventive production method, we obtain

  • very high load bearing properties logo_small
  • totally vapor tight
  • totally water tight
  • absolutely not combustible
  • resistant to most acids
  • not liked by gnawing animals and insects
  • slightly higher thermal conductivity

With this product, all existing applications of cellular glass can be practiced at a reduced cost.

For the flat roof application, BELGLASCZ can also advice to use GLAPOR in combination with other thermal insulation materials to even reduce further the cost and to maintain at the same time the well known quality and life time of a cellular glass flat roof.

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