How to fix (GLAPOR) cellular glass boards on a surface

logo_smallWe receive regularly a question about how to fix cellular glass boards on a concrete or brick wall.

Pecimor dkAt GLAPOR, PCI PECIMOR DK is advised to be used. This product, produced by PCI, a branch of BASF,  is a two component system based on bitumen, polymer and cement. Hardening can proceed behind (air tight) the cellular glass plates. The product is also used for XPS plates and advised by BASF. One vessel contains 28 kg product and costs about 60€.

I could find a description pdf in

Pecimor applicationA typical application is as follows. The cellular glass board 4  is installed with PCI PECIMOR DK (2,3) on the concrete or brick wall with a consumption up to 4 kg/m² cellular glass or about 9€/m² cost. The price of this product is certainly not negligible in the total thermal insulation cost if we know that 10cm GLAPOR cellular glass is priced about 20€/m².

The product can also be used as cell filling materail to coat the cellular glass were needed. For example, high compressive strength GLAPOR cellular glass can be used to insulate in a cost effective way the foundation cold bridge after coating with this product.


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