Dynamic thermal insulation by Helmut Bartussek


We discussed already about dynamic thermal insulation in a previous post. We already mentioned that it is not only the thermal resistance but also the inside air quality which is important.

But Prof. Dr. Ing. Helmut Bartussek already published in 1982 about the potential of using open porous materials for the construction of healthy buildings and animal sheds. In fact, animal wellness was his first concern, like shown in the following book.


I guess that his concern about animal wellness introduced him into the world of ventilation through the thermal insulation. In a paper about a roof construction, the principle is well explained. But not only the improved U-value  but also condensation and air quality are discussed. In a second contribution in a magazine for building biology, we find a discussion with an architect about the concept. In another paper, the use of this principle is discussed in roof, walls and floor. The problem of contaminated building air is discussed together with the improved insulation is completely published in another contribution.

I found the first contribution in 1982 when passive housing was totally not a topic. Today, the technique is still promising but not accepted generally. It is quite normal that the classical thermal insulation world will not be in favor for passive housing with only 15 cm cheap thermal insulation.  I also understand that most people are not interested to live in air, sucked through mineral fiber material. I guess that the world is waiting for open porous cellular glass, produced from waste glass with harmless foaming agents. In that perspective, I am motivated by the nice reaction of Gaia arkitekter in Norway.



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