GLAPOR cellular glass is booming


It took some time to start up a new process for cellular glass on a real prototype but today the technology is mature. Both gravel and boards production are running at maximum capacity to supply the many projects of our customers. Customers are satisfied with the low cost cellular glass, exactly meeting their expectations while the investor has still a nice return.

frankThe GLAPOR community is like a family, where work is (most of the time) fun. People from Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, Portugal, Poland, Kazahstan, Ukraine and Russia are working together under the inspiring leadership of Walter Frank. In fact, GLAPOR is the Europe of our dreams without borders, giving welfare to its employees, satisfying its customers and investors and improving nature by recycling glass with a minimum use of energy and negligible consumption of fresh raw materials.

GLAPORlogoThe market started to boom after learning that GLAPOR cellular glass has a comparable price with high density mineral wool with the addition of a lot of advantages like

sandwichThe polymer foams, more and more pushed in the corner by fire incidents have choosen for GLAPOR cellular glass as sandwich partner. GLAPOR cellular glass on top of KINGSPAN PIR is an acceptable solution for a flat roof, eliminating the risk to loose a complete building in a fire incident during a small repair of the water proofing membrane on a roof. On top of that, GLAPOR cellular glass delivers a hard surface under the membrane.

RDSFoamed glass gravel combined with the RDS boards of GLAPOR guarantees a perfect solution for floor insulation without any risk of heat loss due to draft and water ingress.
foundationFor the future, low cost high compressive strength elements will be introduced on the market to eliminate cold bridges at the foundations and other problem zones. Rendering products, designed for GLAPOR cellular glass will be available for the construction of non-combustible facades.

GLAPOR plant

As a consequence, GLAPOR will extend its production capacity in Mitterteich, invest further in R&D and will build new plants all over the world. For all these expansions, GLAPOR is hiring people to join its community.

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