Combustible facade thermal insulation

logo_smallA reader has sent me an article about a recent fire in Dubai.


I copy a part of the text:

According to the news site The National the exterior cladding on the hotel was Aluminium composite panels, which consists of combustible foam insulation sandwiched between Aluminium covering. This type of cladding is used on many high rise buildings in Dubai and have been implicated in previous fires such as the one in the Torch last year. Dubai changed their fire and life safety code in 2013 due to previous fires in high rise buildings; setting stricter requirements to the fire performance of external cladding material. But as described by The National most of the high rise buildings built in Dubai before that have non fire rated exterior panels. So Dubai is facing a severe fire safety challenge, which they now have to address.

The fire is also on YOU TUBE.


The amazing fact is that the government of Dubai is changing their codes for facade thermal insulation while Europe is not following. Nevertheless, mineral wool, aerogel and cellular glass are absolute non-combustible materials.

Robust GLAPOR cellular glass boards, up to 3 x 1.5m can be installed behind a metal cladding assuring a non-combustible thermal insulation solution. It looks that even fire safety and so human life is not safe for the lobbying world.

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