GLAPOR cellular glass on the top of Germany

logo_smallWe told already that GLAPOR cellular glass is booming but now they have actually reached the top of Germany in a geometric way. Indeed, the GLAPOR cellular glass was selected as thermal insulation for the roof terrace on the Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany. The Zugspitze has a webcam, showing the nice neighbourhoud.

Klimadiagramm_Zugspitze_1961-1990The climate is rather hard, which was one reason to choose GLAPOR cellular glass. Heavy sunshine during day and very low temperatures during night are difficult to resist for polymeric foam but are a piece of cake for cellular glass. Between cellular glass producers, GLAPOR was selected for his interesting price. GLAPORlogo

This price is possible because GLAPOR foams directly recycled glass without any expensive remelting at 1600°C. GLAPOR is installed in a larger thickness to compensate the higher thermal conductivity, which allows to work with larger dimensions (EUROPALLET size) to reduce labour cost.

zugspitzeLike can be observed in the picture, GLAPOR cellular glass is installed in hot liquid bitumen to guarantee a vapour tight roof, without any humidity absorption. More comments can be found in a GLAPOR document.


tulicThis project was sold and coached by the succesfull leader of the Austrian GLAPOR sales office, Aladin Hauft-Tulic. For a long time, Austria could not be seduced by cellular glass but Aladin seems to surf very good on the ecologic wave in Austria.




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