The first cellular glass Hoax is running around

belglasSome time ago, we have written a post about the minimum thickness of a cellular glass boards in case larger dimensions are requested. In that post, we have calculated the case of 2.8m and 4m long cellular glass boards, which have to sustain at least their own weight. From the previous post, we now that cellular glass is the lightest option between a lot of materials.

verbazingFor a 2.8m long board, we have calculated that a minimum thickness of 10cm is needed to be on the very safe side. But great was our surprise that some cellular glass sales engineers claim that these boards cannot be produced although this was already shown in an old post. It was even claimed that transport or handling of such  2.8m long boards are physically impossible. Therefore, we give the calculation again and also a picture of 10cm GLAPOR thick boards, 2.8m long, which are transported over at least 1250km by truck and handled on the job site.


hoaxSuch false stories, told to harm others are called a hoax. It is clear that these kind of stories need a law to guarantee fair competition. But in the meantime, we use them to show the incompetence of the source like the physicist Socal once did with some post-modern sociologists.


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