The dimensions of cellular glass

logo_smallRecently, I was in a small glass company. These people make small but old fashioned hand made glass plates as window and for other applications. Since 5 years, I regularly visit float glass plants for CNUD EFCO, where glass plates up to several meters width and height can be produced.

And suddenly a question came up? Why did this not happen with cellular glass? Cellular glass started (in the metric system) from about 45 cm by 30 cm, scaled up to 45 cm by 60 cm and recently 120 cm by 80 cm became available. I can imagine that the thickness is limited because annealing time goes linear with inverse of the thermal conductivity and with the square of the thickness. But I do not see a reason why several meters length and width are not available if I watch the cold end of a float glass line as installed for example by Grenzebach or Lisec.

But this week I visited a plant and the owner was proud to show me what he could produce. The actual dimensions are still secret but they are huge. And suddenly, I had a very nice application in mind for the world of tomorrow.

2014-04-17 09.20.48

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