Intelligent prefab with large boards cellular glass

logo_smallIt is clear that the rigidity of large monolithic cellular glass boards (2.8 x 1.5m) can be used as self supporting thermal insulation instead of insulating a brick wall. And we had some ideas like for example the catenerary house.

logoIn Norway, a very creative solution for a cellular glass house without frame or bricks was developed based on cellular glass: the C-element. The elements are a sandwich with a cellular glass kernel and is glued under vacuum. The construction of the elements is patented. The elements are glued together and connected without any cold bridge. The whole system is shown in the website, which includes a movie explaining everything.


The system will be a lot simplified and more rigid when large cellular glass boards as produced by GLAPOR can be used as kernel. Typically, thick cellular glass is used but the structure can be further insulated on the outside with less rigid thermal insulation up to passive housing standards. The cellular glass kernel avoids any problem with humidity in the extra thermal insulation.

We are extremely interested in the evolution of this nice cellular glass project, which uses the mechanical strength and thermal insulation effect of cellular glass for facades.

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