Houses which can be built entirely with cellular glass

logo_smallIn previous blogs about self supporting structures and the possible height of these structures, it became clear that typical family homes can be built entirely in cellular glass without bricks, wood or concrete for the outside structure. Only for the foundation, some concrete would be necessary. This cellular glass structure should pass the standard for passive housing.
The best structure should have the curve of a reverted chain, hanging between two points to eliminate tensile or bending forces and to make optimum use of the large compressive strength of cellular glass. Such a curve is called a catenary, described by a hyperbolic cosinus. To be honest, the word “catenary” did not belong to my vocabulary untill now.
However, googling with “catenary house” learned that others were already attracked by this shape because it is indeed a very strong structure, which resists better storm and hurricanes. Built with cellular glass, the structure is strong, thermally insulated and water tight. It can be even installed (partially) under the soil to minimize even further the ecologic foot print and to be perfectly protected against more and more frequent hurricanes.
In the following, some pictures and websites are given.

We selected two small and a larger home. In both cases, the catenary dome can be entirely manufactured with cellular glass, being wall and thermal insulation at the same time.

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