Rusnano builds ICM Glass Kaluga, a foamed glass gravel plant.

logo_smallI found a announcement  about foamed glass gravel on the Rusnanogroup website. It was already mentioned in a previous post.  I have also downloaded  the pdf-file. The plant will produce another 300 000m³ yearly.

I was a little bit surprised by the magnitude of the investment. 1.8 billion Russian rubles was about 40 million € end 2013. This is a rather high price for this equipment and unfortunately, it will feed again the image that cellular glass has to be expensive.

The product has a “gravel density” of 160 kg/m³ and thermal conductivity of 0.08 W/mK. I copied the following cell structure picture from the pdf-file. It can be observed that it is indeed a closed cell structure.


At the right of the following picture, we see the exit of the foaming furnace with the unbroken foam.


On the website of Investments Kaluga region I could find a few other pictures, showing the entrance of the foaming furnace with the loading system and the thin sheet, making the mesh belt powder tight.


Flag_of_Russia.svgAfter the STES-investment for cellular glass boards, we have a cellular glass gravel plant in Russia. But this is only the start in this country, where combustible thermal insulation is not popular.


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