Making a thesis about cellular glass

logo_smallMaking a master and doctoral thesis was my best time during studying physics. It should be nice if again more students should perform research on cellular glass beyond the constraint of making profit. In this post, I mention three nice studies:

  • Dr. Arjen Steiner made a study about the conversion of fly ash from a municipal solid waste incinerator into useful foamed glass. He did this work at the Technical University Eindhoven in the Netherlands. This student was responsible for the project in this previous post.
  • Dr. Rudolf Trinkner studied the cell structure and calculated the mechanical stability of foamed glass and compared with experiments. The work was done at the Technical University Zurich, Switzerland.
  • Dr. Selamet Kose made a nice work about the foaming mechanisms of glass with special attention for SiC as foaming agent. This work is very practical and contains cell gas composition measurements with a gas chromatograph. Also the relation of the cell structure with the thermal conductivity is calculated. This work is also done at the Technical University Zurich, Switzerland.

Especially the last thesis is important for the development of cellular glass, foamed from waste glass with alternative foaming agents.

BELGLAS would be pleased to help new PhD-students all over the world in their research on cellular glass.

2 thoughts on “Making a thesis about cellular glass

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