The contributions of Elena Yatsenko for cellular glass

logo_smallProf. Elena Yatsenko has a chair at the Platov South-Russian State Polytechnic University (NPI) in Russia. While the universities of Aalborg, Ljubljana and St. Petersburg are recycling glass, prof. Yatsenko is converting slag into cellular glass.


I found the following publications:


Today, most of the recycled glass is used for the standard glass industry and a minor part, which cannot be recycled for bottles and windows is today used for cellular glass. However, reusing slag waste for cellular glass is a new step in the recycling industry. Today, slag is used in the cement industry and also slag wool can be produced for thermal insulation. But it seems that a new future, namely cellular slag is arriving. Indeed, glass powder for foaming should be at least 10 times more expensive than slag powder.

3 thoughts on “The contributions of Elena Yatsenko for cellular glass

  1. ı am a student at 4th class of a high tech. institute of İzmir.Since 2 years have been working on develeoping of cellular glass in Turkish market but there are some important problems such as investment costs, product cost compare to others, waste glass recycling etc.Nowadays i am trying to solve all. I need your experience and can you help me sir?

  2. Can the new generation silicate foams be a strong alternative to foam glass.?
    The behaviour of silicate foam is same but structure is different acc.tofoam glass.
    The literature is confirming the mentioned situation.
    Your thoughts?

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