Light weight cellular glass most popular post

logo_smallIt can be interesting to find out how people arrive at your blog. The blog  “And the lightest beam is … cellular glass “, published in January 2018 is getting a lot of attention with an exponential growth.

Michael Ashby has already mentioned that a glass foam would be the most interesting self supporting material but this statement had less value with monolithic boards measuring maximum 60 x 45 cm. However, since GLAPOR introduced the large monolithic cellular glass boards 280 x 120 cm, produced with the modern continuous foaming method, this statement became very important.

Indeed, the following graph shows the number of the specific blog visits since publication in 2018.


It is also clear that besides the large dimensions GLAPOR cellular glass has the most interesting recipe for this application. Indeed, GLAPOR foams directly recycled glass without melting a special composition. This recipe is interesting from the ecologic and economic point of view.

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