Cellular glass gravel or boards?

logo_smallThe current shortage of PIR and PUR makes that customers and investors are looking for alternatives. These alternatives are mostly mineral and in this way, low cost cellular glass like GLAPOR comes into the picture.

RDSIn that case, it is not clear whether it will be boards or gravel. Like shown in this GLAPOR document, the cellular glass gravel is used for floor insulation, road and railway construction and even landscaping. The boards are mainly used in the building industry from private homes to larger buildings. The combination of boards and gravel, the well known GLAPOR RDS system is today a very performant floor thermal insulation, which in principle can be used also for tankbase bottoms of small and even larger tanks.

In fact, the answer is clear: a low cost cellular glass factory must include gravel and board production lines. Indeed, the waste of finishing cellular glass boards cannot be used again for the board production due to crystallisation after a few cycles but is perfect for the (one cycle) production of gravel. A low cost cellular glass factory with gravel and board lines runs with 95% recycled waste glass and does not generate any waste by itselves. It is the perfect recycled glass absorber by converting it into ecologic durable recycable thermal insulation.


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