Large monolithic cellular glass boards are now on the market

logo_smallToday, GLAPOR is proud to announce the first delivery of large boards: 280 x 120 x 10 cm cellular glass boards PG900. These large boards are another advantage of the continuous foaming method compared to the mold process.

GLAPOR _logoIndeed, the continuous foaming project was developed at GLAPOR for three reasons:

  • Lower production cost
  • Improved ecology
  • Larger dimensions

The first two have induced the enormous success of GLAPOR cellular glass boards on the market but it seems that the actual booming will be reinforced by the availability of large dimensions.

large boards.jpg

Large monolithic GLAPOR cellular glass boards are non-combustible (EUROCLASS A1) and reduces labour cost and joints on actual job sites. It seems that the “ready home” building market is interested to use these boards to construct passive housing walls with thermal insulation built-in.

Today, GLAPOR cellular glass boards are the only thermal insulation which can be delivered monolithic up to 280 x 120 cm x 18cm, being non-combustible (EUROCLASS A1), vapour tight and water tight and sustaining up to 2000 kPa compressive load.



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