About cellular glass in Glass International

logo_smallGlass International Magazine is a monthly magazine for scientists and engineers in the glass industry. It handles about furnaces, process and more to produce glass and glass articles like windows, bottles, …. Thermal insulation was generally never covered but this is changing due to the importance of thermal insulation for the world.

Glapor cellular glass was invited to contribute about cellular glass and used this GLAPOR _logoopportunity to explain that 7 cellular glass dogma are out of date.

  • NOT TRUE: only small dimensions are available
  • NOT TRUE: cellular glass is expensive
  • NOT TRUE: more ecologic means even more expensive
  • NOT TRUE: a plant involves a large investment
  • NOT TRUE: long production lines with a large ecologic footprint are necessary
  • NOT TRUE: the market for cellular glass will remain at 1% of the total thermal insulation market.
  • NOT TRUE: the latest new technology is not available on the market

glass-16-bigThese dogma are indeed out of date and confirms the title, choosen by the Glass International Editor, Greg Morris: Cellular glass enjoys a comeback.


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