GLAPOR cellular glass and KINGSPAN PIR in the LEGO-house in Billund, Denmark.

logo_smallThe LEGO-house in Billund, Denmark is a project, which was started from a LEGO-scale model. The current LEGO bricks are as old as the writer of this blog and are still loved by creative children. The building is based on these interconnected LEGO bricks and as a consequence, a flat roof is chosen.


It was decided to go for passive housing with a large resistance against fire. Mineral wool at a large thicknesses (passive housing) is sensitive to natural convection with low outside temperatures. On the other hand, PIR and other polymer foams were not accepted due to the combustibility.

However, the combination of PIR and GLAPOR cellular glass guarantees a passive housing thermal resistance at moderate thickness without any fire risk and without any risk for internal natural convection. This principle was already suggested a long time ago and recently KINGSPAN and GLAPOR started a collaboration. In the following, several pictures of the installation of the GLAPOR-KINGSPAN system are given.

GLAPOR cellular glass on a Danish cultural symbol under the nose of Rockwool Lapinus, another Danish symbol, “Il faut le faire”, Cellglasplader.








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