News from Zhejiang Zhenshen Insulation Technology Corporation

logo_smallZhejiang Zhenshen Insulation Technology Corporation or ZES should be today the largest producer of high quality cellular glass in China. The company is driven by Mr. Chunhua Zhang, a real example of the Chinese dream. He started his career as a industrial thermal insulation worker, became contractor and immediately understood the benefits of cellular glass. He developed a process for cellular glass based on waste glass and upgraded to high  quality cellular glass with a special composition.

zhang chunhua leading foam glass industry

                  Chunhua Zhang, CEO of ZES in an unusual relaxed state

Today, ZES has a turnover of 700 million RMB or about 100 million euro, which is a very impressive realization. They are not only producing but also installing the thermal insulation. In that way, they can be very competitive. I would be pleased if I could write once Chunhua’s biography.

Chinese companies have the reputation to only copy but this is not true for ZES. They developed a nice patented  rendering system on their cellular glass to have a cellular glass concept for the building market. It looks that they are able to even render sculptured cellular glass.

outdoor2                     Outdoor_insulation

Walter Frank (GLAPOR), Chunhua Zhang (ZES)  and  Andrei Zinovyev (STESS) are men with vision and a drive to ignite the cellular glass world for once and for ever.

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