THE STATE PROGRAM on industrial development of Kazakhstan for 2015-2019

logo_smallIt seems that Kazakhstan goes cellular glass. We found a few topics about cellular glass in the THE STATE PROGRAM on industrial development of Kazakhstan for 2015-2019. We make some citations:

  • High import growth rates for the last 3 years were observed on OSB plates,
    roofing and bitumen materials, including tiles, products of refractory materials,
    refractory bricks, ceramic tile, sheet glass, sanitary ceramics, mineral insulation
    materials, foam glass.
  • Rehabilitation and reconstruction of productions of demanded retro materials
    (expanded clay, foam glass, expanded vermiculite, pumice) is needed.
  • construction of a plant for producing foamed glass, LLP “KiKo Stroy Service”

It is not clear whether they wanted gravel or boards or both. But the evolution to mineral foam is very positive.


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