About this WEBSITE

This website is in fact a documentation system of which only a part is made public. Documents are uploaded in a post where a description is given. This documentation system is generated and maintained by BELGLASCZ. In this way, a documentation system is available all over the world without any investment and licenses by using open source software. The public content falls entirely under the responsibility of BELGLAS BVBA.

BELGLASCZ is offering more services in the consultancy field but services about cellular glass are done under the responsibility of BELGLAS BVBA.

Other services for BELGLAS and others are:

  • open source software
  • maintaining drop box file server
  • writing and maintaining scientific programs

Direct contact:

  • Owner / consultant: Dr. Hans Rudi Strauven
  • DIČ:                         CZ683508762
  • Address:                 Hřbitovní 514, 373 81 Kamenný Újezd,  CZECH REPUBLIC
  • Telephone:               +420 773 223 862
  • Email:                          info.belglascz@gmail.com
  • Bank:                           Česká spořitelna
  • Account number:     CZ31 0800 0000 0036 7823 7339
  • BIC code                      GIBACZPX