ECOINVENT data for building products

logo_smallECOINVENT is a database which contains for many products production data which are important for the environment like the use of primary energy, raw materials, etc. This means that during development of a new product which is based on other products, the developer is able to obtain all data of the products he is using for his invention.

For example, if somebody is using celllular glass besides other materials for the construction of a house, ECOINVENT allows to calculate how much the environment suffered from this construction.

downloadBELGLAS could obtain the public report  about building materials, which is used to generate the ECOINVENT database. Although public, this report could not be found by Google and for that reason, it is included in this post.

On page 456, a very detailed description is given about the production of cellular glass based on a special glass composition. All used raw materials are listed together with their function in the process.

inventThe report mentions the following:

  • Electric melting furnace with molydenum electrodes at 1250°C
  • Grinding with corondum cylinders
  • Steel moulds coated with clay and aluminum hydroxide
  • The use of 10 kg one way pallets instead of 22kg EURO-pallet

In a following post, we will calculate the production cost of cellular glass with the numbers of this ECOINVENT report.

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