Europe goes for natural and mineral thermal insulation

I was very nice surprised about how architects in Europe are looking into the future of thermal insulation. The enquiry was done  by BauInfoConsult with 1600 architects in 8 countries in Europe. 

The tendency is clear:polymer (plastic) thermal insulation like EPS, XPS, PIR and PUR are decreasing while natural  and mineral insulation will increase. Of course the last tendency is interesting. We further have to explain the customer that in case a certain mechanical stability is needed, a cellular structure is more appropiate than a fibrous structure. And if humidity and air tightness are a issue, cellular glass is the only option. 

Once cellular glass is choosen, we have to explain that direct foaming of recycled glass in a continuous system is the cheapest and most ecologic solution. This technology is invented and developed by GLAPOR. After a life in cellular glass, I feel that the future is great without limits. 

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