Vaporglass ETIZ, a completely new type of cellular glass

logo_smallRussia has always been a home of cellular glass but Russia failed to exploit their knowledge in time. Recently, Russians developed a new type of cellular glass and it seems that this time there is also a marketing machine working.

Parosteklo_120_100_4Vaporglass ETIZ is based on water glass (liquid glass, sodium silicate solution) and is produced by the evaporation of the water at rather low temperatures. The material is a 100% open cell material, which is claimed to be a fiber free acoustic absorber and thermal insulation (0.045 W/mK) at the same time with a very low vapor diffusion resistance.

image-paroglassBut more important, this material is sold at 190 €/m³ for the 120 kg/m³ density version. Larger densities up to 180 kg/m³ are available. Dimensions are 600 x 600 mm, which is rather small. The low density version has a compressive strength of 240 kPa with a thermal conductivity of 0.045 W/mK. It is not mentioned how the thermal conductivity is measured.

A m³ of this 120 kg/m³ material involves 300 kg water glass, which costs 50€. The evaporation of the water to induce the foaming takes minimum another 23€. There is also a stabilizer involved and industrial equipment. A price of 190€/m³ is reasonable. However, I have no idea about the chemical resistance of the product against water and else.

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