Is cellular glass always black?

logo_smallCellular glass is mostly known as a black foam which smells as rotten eggs when crushed. Indeed most cellular glass is a closed cell structure, foamed with carbon, glycerin or silicon carbide.

20170822_093636_resizedBut if we use “white” glass and a white foaming agent, we can produce a white foam. With the addition of pigments, all kind of colors can be given to the foam, like shown in the picture. Today, these foams are requested as “gravel” for decorative purposes and can be delivered by GLAPOR.

todas-piedras-fondo-blanco2However, the use of colors in cellular glass is not new and is used for year by Polydros, a Spanish supplier of cellular glass. In this case, open cell foam (non-smelling) is used for hygienic purposes. For these products, some extra cost for a mineral pigment is a strong marketing weapon.



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