Anti abrasive products for cellular glass

logo_smallFrequently, customers are asking for an anti-abrasive coating for cellular glass. These products are originally developed for application on cellular glass for industrial equipment. Indeed, vibrating tubes insulated with cellular glass will possibly generate dust because the surface of cellular glass is brittle. With GOOGLE “anti abrasive cellular glass” , the following coatings were found.

tematiA good choice is Temati TDS Foster30-16, which is an organic coating, to be applied by spraying or brushing. This coating has been succesfully tested on GLAPOR cellular glass. This coating is fire resistant but is slightly combustible. It can be applied for a temperature range from -196°C to 130°C. This coating is reinforcing and filling the surface cell walls.

hydrocal-b11-usg_1For higher temperatures, HYDROCAL B11 has been tested. This is a reactive gypsum cement, which is filling the surface cells without reinforcing the surface cell walls. On the other hand, this product is absolutely non-combustible. Also this product is succesfully tested on GLAPOR cellular glass.

GLAPOR _logoThe above products are well suited to coat cellular glass used for facades but in contact with the inner space of the building. Indeed, more and more, building project developers are looking for alternative building systems without any combustible thermal insulation, mould and rodents. Large dimension GLAPOR cellular glass (3.2 x 1.5 x 0.2 m) in a steel frame, can function as wall AND thermal insulation. Within our knowledge, this is today the only solution.



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