The GLAPOR obelisk

logo_smallThe old Egyptians invented the obelisk and were also producing the first glass. GLAPOR combined both and installed the first foamed glass gravel obelisk.

20170405_122551_resizedFoamed glass gravel is most of time used to fill a dwell (floor insulation) or to make a hill (garden landscape). In these cases, the gravel is installed and vibrated to a 30% more compact system. But it is also posibble to mix the gravel with a special adhesive, which allows to form a certain shape.

GLAPOR has chosen for an obelisk, which is also demonstrating that only the sky is the limit for cellular glass. The Egyptians have put the obelisk at the entrance of a temple. In this case, the obelisk guards the entrance of white and blue collars to show the equal importance of both in the succesful story of GLAPOR.


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