Engineering companies which build cellular glass production lines

logo_smallOnce it is realized that the market for non-combustible stiff thermal insulation is growing, investors will look for a cellular glass plant. Some years ago, this technology was not for sale, but this situation has changed. Investors can choose for cellular glass gravel or boards. For boards, there is the choice between cheaper glycerin foamed cellular glass and the much more expensive one, produced with carbon black.

GLAPORlogoGLAPOR cellular glass delivers production line for gravel and boards. This company is specialized in upgrading glass waste to cellular glass boards and gravel with a minimum of energy, raw materials and labor thanks to the continuous foaming system.

logo1CNUD EFCO builds foaming and annealing furnaces. The foaming furnace is able to foam with carbon black. CNUD EFCO is the right partner for the construction of high quality boards with the continuous foaming system.

sggc_logo_235x77Schaumglas Global Consulting GmbH is delivering plants for cellular glass gravel and boards. They install melting furnace, grinding, foaming – annealing furnace and finishing.
glamaco-webseite-kopf-v2GLAMACO is building cellular glass plants with the (German) mold foaming process for boards. They are also supplying equipment for cellular glass gravel and granulate.

project_multisawRATEX engineering delivers saws and other finishing equipment for the production of cellular glass. We took the freedom to copy some pictures of their website.

project_middlesawl   project_crosssaw

29162_300x200Fickert + Winterling Maschinenbau GmbH are producing roller machines for the production of cellular glass. We copied again a picture of a website. We guess that the equipment is used for the production of a glass plate, easy to grind to a fine powder for foaming later on.


The competition between different suppliers will decrease the investment cost and as consequence the sales price of cellular glass will become lower and lower. In that way, the cellular glass market will be further booming.


4 thoughts on “Engineering companies which build cellular glass production lines

  1. I’m very surprised that you do not write anything about the German company LfG Consulting UG (, which has very convincing references in the construction of production lines for cellular glass boards.

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