No Vetro in Discarica: demonstrating innovative technologies for integral recovery of glass rejects actually landfilled

logo_smallThis project wants avoid waste glass as land fill like described hereunder:

Main project objective was to demonstrate the feasibility to reduce to zero the glass rejects that
do not come from cities’ collections and that, due to their particular chemical compositions can
not be recycled, neither by glass container nor by ceramic industry. Examples are television screens, mosaic and artistic glass, PVB containing glass from the car industry, glass textile sheets, glass of lamps. These glass rejects are actually landfilled. The project aimed to demonstrate new technologies which allow their use in the production of glass based insulation materials with a high performance in thermal insulation, mechanical strength, fireproof and ecocompatibility, which traditional production is too expensive for a large market introduction. It aimed as well to foster future market introduction by sensitizing on energy efficient building.

special_glassThe following glasses are investigated:

  • TV monitor
  • PC display glass
  • glass of lamps
  • mosaics glass
  • stained glass
  • fiber glass

and also the emissions and leaching out of the different glasses.

Further actions were:

  • Investigation of the grinding to find the right glass powder particle size
  • Study of the foaming behaviour with the following result:
  • 80% soda lime glass, 20% special glass, 2% SiC and 0.5% CaSO4, which is a rather usual composition.
  • 900 °C foaming temperature during 20 minutes
  • Experiments on a pilot lineexit_sisal


  • Construction of a building with a cellular glass based concrete.
  • Promotion of this technology in Italy by lectures.

At the end, a production price was estimated. They calculated a price of 43.6€/m³ for a 100000 m3/year plant and 38.6€/m³ for a 200 000m³/year plant in 2012.

The extra investment of a lehr and finishing equipment allows to produce blocks according to the continuous foaming method.

1 thought on “No Vetro in Discarica: demonstrating innovative technologies for integral recovery of glass rejects actually landfilled

  1. This is the MISAPOR joint venture in Italy. Try used grant money to built the factory

    Mit freundlichen Gr??en / Kind regards

    Dr. Arjen Steiner Gesch?ftsf?hrer (CEO)

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