Living on water with cellular glass

logo_smallMost people prefer to live on stable ground but other are born with sea legs and only sleep well on water. Personally, I remember I had the best sleep of my life on a cruise ship. Living spacely on a permanent place on water involves a floating home with a ponton. Therefore, we need to build a floating structure like shown hereunder.


This floating structure can be made with steel or other tubes but closed cell cellular glass could also be used. Indeed, cellular glass can have density below 120 kg/m³ and a full house can be taken with only 50 cm thickness.

On top of that, the floor has to be thermally insulated from the cold water. With a cellular glass ponton, this function is automatically included.

GLAPOR® cellular glass can be used. They are able to deliver dimensions up to 3.2m by 1.2m and 14 cm thickness. The different plates can be glued together and covered with a mortar based on natural hydraulic lime, which remains hard under and above water. This cellular glass material is today available for 200€/m³ or about 10000€ for a safe insulating ponton of 10x10m.

Living relaxed and ecological on water, enjoying nature at your feets is another possible application of cellular glass.


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