Another book for your library: Cellular Solids, Structure and Properties

logo_smallThis book (ISBN: 9780521499118) at a 2nd edition is written by Lorna J. GibsonMassachusetts Institute of Technology and Michael F. Ashby from the University of CambridgeThe last author is famous by the following statement:

When modern man builds large load-bearing structures, he uses dense solids; steel, concrete, glass.When nature does the same, she generally uses cellular materials; wood, bone, coral. There must be good reasons for it.

The book contains much more than thermal insulation and gives a theoretical foundation for the elastic properties of foams. These properties are used in cellular glass engineering and process calculation.

I learned that the stress relaxation behavior does not depend on the geometry / density of the cell structure but solely on the basic material, glass in this case. But the Poisson ratio depends completely on the geometry and is 0.33 for an open cell structure with regular round cells, while it is 0.28 for solid glass.

Both facts are important for the calculation of the annealing temperature curve for cellular glass, already one reason to buy this excellent book.


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