Norway is replacing concrete by cellular glass

logo_smallNorway is ranked as the best democracy for several years. In that way, we are not surprised that it became impossible for the concrete lobby to stop the following invention as a consequence of the high ecologic standards, typical for the best democracies.

In previous posts, we have mentioned

imagesOn top of that, Norway subsidizes small companies by giving them cheques for testing in official laboratories instead of cash. Such an important test facility in Norway is Sintef where all kind of tests are free of charge possible for small companies, inducing a lot of innovation. The following pdf mentions an innovation for cellular glass between a lot of other innovations. This subsidizing system (free tests without cash) is really working.

DownloadFOAMROX builds all kind of shapes from cellular glass with a coating to make it more robust. These shapes are used in the 750 km tunnels in Norway and are replacing the 7 times more heavier concrete in several cases. Cable trays, fire fighting chambers, heat resistant walls , … are now built from cellular glass. The thermal conductivity of this cellular glass is not important and for that reason directly foamed recycled glass can be used to improve ecology. To reduce labour cost, larger dimensions up to 2.8m x 1.2m are very well come.  Today, GLAPOR is the only manufacturer who is able to deliver this kind of cellular glass but I guess this situation will change very fast. Hereunder, you find a picture of the proud inventors, who understood the lessons of Michael Ashby very well.


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